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  1. Fischer says he's "still the best" at "old chess"
  2. Fischer's press conference -- Iceland must be so proud
  3. Re: Gordon Parker explains how to avoid frivolous litigation
  4. Re: Photo of the Year: Bobby Fischer walks with Miss Watai behind him !
  5. Kevin "Cavemanchess" Bachler promoted
  6. Fischer has landed in Iceland
  7. Re: Photo of the Year: Bobby Fischer walks with Miss Watai behind him !
  8. Fischer will not be extradited from Iceland
  9. And the winners are ....
  10. Fischer wisely avoids landing at Keflavik, flies to Reykjavik
  11. Cost of an American world champion: $1 million
  12. Telephone Number for Stan Vaughan
  13. Re: Photo of the Year: Bobby Fischer walks with Miss Watai behind him !
  14. Re: Photo of the Year: Bobby Fischer walks with Miss Watai behind him !
  15. Re: Photo of the Year: Bobby Fischer walks with Miss Watai behind him !
  16. An eye opener
  17. Re: Will Fischer be able to travel ??
  18. New ED
  19. Re: Free at Last! Free at Last! Bobby Fischer is Free at Last!
  20. Message to Mike Nolan
  21. Re: BBC lyingly say US has requested Fischer's extradition
  22. Fischer on the road
  23. Fischer free
  24. Politics and the Search for a new ED
  25. USCF Election: Say NO To Mafia Brats
  26. My campaign for the Executive Board
  27. Icelandic Navy takes to sea
  28. Schiller's or Reinfeld's Books?
  29. Re: Inquisitor Goran Tomic forces aguished confession!
  30. Kramnik lost to Anand in Monaco
  31. Re: Go is vastly better than chess
  32. Japan and Iceland should go to war, like Greece and Troy
  33. Campaign Issues:
  34. News reports on what is hopefully Fischer's impending release
  35. Fischer affair slideshow
  36. Japan keeps moving the goalposts
  37. Japan may still be holding the trumps...
  38. Court transcript is ready. I need a volunteer to pick it up.
  39. Iceland Parliament Grants Bobby Fischer Citizenship
  40. Is Fischer now a citizen of Iceland?
  41. Frank Brady Resigns
  42. Attack of Stan Booz
  43. Marinello Case: Affirmation of Michael J. Matsler
  44. Bobby Fischer legal question
  45. A short note for HansJ
  46. USCF Cross-Motion to Dismiss
  47. Questions for Mr. Bauer (the true leader of the USCF)
  48. You might be a curmudgeon if ...
  49. After posting to Usenet earlier today
  50. USCF Contact ??
  51. Scott Peterson and CalChess
  52. Goran Tomic on the Great Conspiracy
  53. Peterson Gave the Money Back !!!
  54. No bull****! no credit card verification! FREE registration and earn money NOW!
  55. An Icelander speaks out
  56. Kasparov radio interview
  57. USCF pension plan number (was: Beatriz already ...)
  58. Re: Beatriz already in trouble with NY State Department of Labor
  59. Fischer Gets Initial OK for Citizenship
  60. Kosteniuk is a hottie according to Ray Gordo
  61. My bullet rating is now 2047!!
  62. Fischer gets more support in Japan parliament / the 'UN' point
  63. News highlights from Japan
  64. Kasparov on ABC
  65. Hi Guys. First Time Poster
  66. What is the difference between USA and USSR?
  67. Crossville Move April Chess Life Article
  68. 'Iceland May Grant Citizenship to Fischer' ('Guardian')
  69. 'Battling for Bobby Fischer' ('Mainichi Daily News')
  70. Why can't they leave Bobby Fischer alone?!
  71. Article: chess in Philadelphia schools
  72. Re: Brooklyn Boy Makes Good in Japan
  73. Fischer -> Iceland if citizen - party leader meets Iceland ambassador
  74. Susan Polgar...
  75. Re: Amazingly rubbishy Fischer article in 'Washington Post' (UPI)
  76. Chess FM on Chess Politics
  77. Judit Polgar RULES!
  78. Anna Hahn, Piece of **** by Ray Gordon
  79. Chess & The USCF - What is the Potential Market?
  80. Japan govt and BBC show contempt for Fischer's stateless status
  81. Bullet chess rulez!
  82. Can anyone beat Tate in bullet?
  83. Re: RATINGS? Chess Tourney?
  84. Prozac please?
  85. Discount in USCF membership?
  86. Prozac needed ~
  87. 'Japan Today' on stateless Fischer's possible deportation to US
  88. Back to the Future
  89. Japan signals Fischer likely to be deported to US
  90. Kasparov...
  91. Fischer - latest news from Japan parliament and court
  92. Anna Hahn, Truong doesn't want you to see this log
  93. Re: Why does Kasparov retire?
  94. Well I drove Kasparov into retirement!
  95. Adams is better than Short
  96. GM is 2 years and I'll have free ICC membership
  97. Kasparov vs. Nakamura! Winner plays Caveman in Prozac bullet WC
  98. Kasparov in Guardian Unlimited
  99. I need prozac
  100. I need prozac
  101. Re: Prosecutor's Discretion and Bobby Fischer
  102. Poor Sam is Dead
  103. 900 points to go to be world bullet chump
  104. Fabiano Caruana will be the next World Champion
  105. Truong and the Chess Centre great PR LOL
  106. Tate will be the next World Champion. You heard it here first!
  107. Fischer - habeas corpus application, Tuesday
  108. To the person who is impersonating me
  109. Kasparov essay in Wall Street Journal
  110. I can beat Kasparov in bullet
  111. Fischer can beat Kasparov and Tate blindfolded
  112. Dlugy-Nakamura ICC Bullet Session
  113. Is FISCHER Returning To Chess? Say it ain't so!!
  114. NEW - Anthology of Chess Combinations
  115. Another lawsuit looming?
  116. Anyone want to support my chess training?
  117. Searching for Garry Kasparov
  118. Kasparov's Retirement Summarized
  119. submitting USCF tournament online
  120. Who slept with chess dad?
  121. Nigel Short talks about Kasparov
  122. Crisis in the USCF
  123. Chess in Chicago
  124. Chess in Chicago
  125. Truong King Of Spam
  126. Who's better? Hikaru or Radjabov?
  127. Who's the greatest ever?
  128. The million dollar question!
  129. CCA and Bill Goichberg
  130. It's one of the most spectacular and joyous moments in world chess history...Fireworks in Bulgaria!
  131. FISCHER vs SPASSKY 1992
  132. Checkpoint
  133. Scholastic Chess Thrives in Pittsburgh
  134. Correspondence Chess - A dead art?
  135. THE ISLE OF MAN 2005
  136. Anand's latest interview
  137. HB Global Challenge - Register today!
  138. Register for the HB Global Challenge TODAY! We need 2000 entries to make it fun!
  139. Don't miss the HB Global Chess Challenge - Register TODAY!
  140. World Open 2005 - Brand new location!
  141. Truong Phd in what?
  142. Registration Deadline Extended for $500,000 Tournament;
  143. Anti-Cheating Policy
  144. $345 entry fee until April 1, 2005
  145. Be a part of history!
  146. Chess Problem Solving Model
  147. Scholarships
  148. HB Foundation Programs
  149. AF4C
  150. Got Game?
  151. The End of the Draw Offer?
  152. Nigel Short on No Draw
  153. HB FAQ
  154. International Chess Players
  155. Tournament Info
  156. Advanced List
  157. HB Enormous Prizes
  158. Hikaru Nakamura
  163. Ciudad de Linares
  164. Re: Kasparov's legacy
  165. Crossville - New Windsor
  166. Question for Randy
  167. Wow, my bullet rating hit 2045!
  168. Book - Greatest Games Ever Played - HELP !!!!!!!!
  169. Important Fund Raising Information
  170. Truong and Murder
  171. Truong Link
  172. We own two spoons
  173. I have fleas
  174. Psychotic bitch on the go
  175. Psychotic bitch wants to kill boyfriend
  176. Teen Crisis Intervention
  177. Alice Cooper To Tour Australia
  178. Meet Alice Cooper
  179. The house of psychotic women
  180. Expelled
  181. Getting expelled from DePauw University by Ray Villiers
  182. Win a date with Barbara Gordo by Ray Villiers
  183. Win a date with Ray Villiers by Barbara Gordo
  184. Dictator Vladimir Putin
  185. Truong the hypocrite
  186. Good movie
  187. Good movie
  188. Good movie
  189. Ebay ratings
  190. DePauw University - Apply now
  191. 900 series anyone?
  192. Understanding cybersheet
  193. $29.95 for cybersheet techniques
  194. Cybersheet for sale
  195. Chess and Bowling
  196. Re: Garry Kasparov retires!!
  197. Make quick bucks by selling cyberdream
  198. Cyberdream Scam Artist
  199. GK -- The Greatest
  200. Can't Truong tell the truth about anything?
  201. easy money in 30 days
  202. Please stop the personal attacks
  203. Kasparov offers 1 million Dollars to Kramnik
  204. Kasparov quits professional chess!
  205. Predictions for Linares, '05 : How well did I do?
  206. USCF Membership Numbers
  207. Re: Lev Khariton: Leko et al. must be barred from Linares next year!
  208. GM Evans profiled on 3/10/05
  209. Chess must be banned to save the future!
  210. Re: TSIC This Second in Chess on Linares Round 13 and more!
  211. Complaint to AOL
  212. Up yours Ray Villiers - Go complain to your mommy
  213. A pathetic Barbara Gordon wants attention again
  214. Important message
  215. How can I report cases of Usenet abuse from people posting though Google Groups?
  216. Barbara Gordo strikes again
  217. Truong masquerading as BV
  218. Test message for RGCP
  219. Fischer to sue Japan govt if not freed from captivity by Friday
  220. I'm Barbara! Pay attention to me! I'm so normal!
  221. I'm Barbara! I rule the universe! Obey me!
  222. I'm Barbara! Worship me!
  223. I'm Barbara! Who loves me?
  224. I'm Barbara and I'm pathetic!
  225. Ray Gordo invades space!
  226. Berez! I'm sorry! Take me back please!
  227. Berez! Hire me back please!
  228. I'm Barbara! My friend playwaycool will help me be head admin
  229. I'm Barbara! I will be head admin at all costs!
  230. Berez will hire me back if I keep spamming
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  239. Ray Cybersheet
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  241. Log! Log! Log! I'm Barbara Villiers
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  243. Barbara is Ray Gordo
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  245. Yes! I'm Barbara and I'm Ray
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  247. Funny how I have logs of 2 people in a private conversation
  248. Truong Anna Hahn Womens Olympiad
  249. Truong Anna Hahn Womens Olympiad
  250. I have secret logs made up again