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  1. Re: Zero point for draws?
  2. How many diagrams in a row incorrect before you fire the editor?
  3. July 20th is not far off.
  4. More wrongdoing by Hanke
  5. Reforming FIDE
  6. Latest features on USCF Members Only and TD/Affiliate areas
  7. Much More, in America ego
  8. wcn spam
  9. Time to rate the USCF executive directors
  10. Re: Fischer & Kasparov
  11. USCF Membership Numbers for 6/30/2004
  12. Re: Topalov out: will Adams win?
  13. I am about to pass gas
  14. Is Michael Adams still from England?
  15. Re: Article about Sam Sloan in Wednesday's New York Sun
  16. FREE personals ....
  17. kill the rag
  18. Ilyumzhinov/chess/UFO (was: Re: What's "authorship"?)
  19. Find Chess Players in Your Area And Meet Them.
  20. Dues increase
  21. Re: Lev Khariton: Kirsan the Eternal
  22. How much are "Open Book Odds" worth?
  23. The Chess Portal
  24. Re: Vadim Milov Speaks Out On Racism !!
  25. Reforming FIDE
  26. Eric Bone
  27. Mike Valvo
  28. Re: Vadim Milov Speaks Out On Racism !!
  29. Need to outsource = mismanagement
  30. Life member fee?
  31. CHEAT
  32. Fritz 8 Help
  33. Pave the way for increment!
  34. Book monkey
  35. Bobby Fischer is a turd in a punchbowl
  36. June Almost Over- And the Results ARE?
  37. Re: Vadim Milov Speaks Out On Racism !!
  38. Re: Vadim Milov Speaks Out On Racism !!
  39. Mark All Read
  40. Re: Bobby Fischer is the greatest and he is playing today
  41. Re: 61 year-old female office manger/predator
  42. Nakamura SUCKS in the opening
  43. Reforming FIDE
  45. Re: Bobby Fischer is the greatest and he is playing today
  46. 13 year-old GM?
  47. Navy & Air Force tie for first at 2004 Interservice Chess Championships
  48. Re: Bobby Fischer is the greatest and he is playing today
  49. Doctor Steven B. Dowd -Internet Liar and Swindler
  50. Chess Books 50%-70% Off List Price
  51. Re: Bobby Fischer is the greatest and he is playing today
  52. Re: Bobby Fischer is the greatest and he is playing today
  53. Re: Bobby Fischer is the greatest and he is playing today
  54. Fischer-heit 9/11
  55. Oops.. he did it... again
  56. Emanuel Lasker is the greatest and he is still playing today
  57. What could have been: Crushed an expert in 21 moves
  58. To Newsgroup participants
  59. Fat Pig GM Loses In WCC
  60. Nakamura advances in "Sun City Open"
  61. Re: Bobby Fischer is the greatest and he is playing today
  62. Twas the Night Before the World Open
  63. Anjelina Belakovskaia forced to drop out of US Woman's Chess Championship because of problems with her breast milk
  64. You won't wanta be missing this
  65. NFL
  66. Where are spam's senders disapeared?
  67. Gata Kamsky really is Back!!
  68. Short Knocked Out !!
  69. The more things change, the more things stay the same!
  70. Draw Odds
  71. Draw Odds
  72. Draw Odds
  73. Eye-Opening Opening play by Ni Hua in FIDE World Championship! 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 Nxe4
  74. Report of the USCF Vice President of Finance
  75. Where is Sam Sloan?
  76. Calculating USCF profit & loss
  77. Madame Chaude de Silans and Mrs. Nahed Ojjeh
  78. Re: The 2004 World Chess Championship in Libya: what a desolation!
  79. Re: FIDE Breaks It's Most Sacred Oath - RULE 1.2
  80. USCF- One Short Step from White Hoods
  81. test
  82. USCF about to be dealt major competitive blow
  83. A turning point
  84. WCC Debacle: "Third Reich" US Chessplayers Should READ THIS
  85. I wouldn't have played in the WCC
  86. Re: Disgraceful American Players play "no jew" tournament
  88. Re: Visas at Tripoli
  89. Let's declare the World Open the World Championship
  90. USCF Anti-Semites?
  91. Any news, updates, results, standings from the 2004 United States Women's Championship, St. John's University in Manhattan
  92. Pleasant discussion with Neil Brennen, Tim Hanke, Doctor SBD and Tom Martinak
  93. Disgraceful American Players play "no jew" tournament
  94. Pleasant discussion with Neil Brennen, Tim Hanke, Doctor SBD and Tom Martinak
  95. Are these Really U.S. players??
  96. More adventures of the Serbian ISP Hunter
  97. Where Chess Is King and the People Are the Pawns: New York Times, June 20th
  98. GM Goran Tomic: Ace Internet Detective
  99. Who is the other mysterious GM on this group
  100. Let's Discuss Mensa Some More
  101. Gaddafi bans Israeli team from world chess championship
  102. Americans play in "no jew" tournament?
  103. Niel Brennen or GMGoRanTOMIC or GM Loyd Turton or Spam Scone
  104. Anal Fischer and Big Wide Shark!
  105. Re: A Picture of Evil !!
  106. FIDE Debacle: Why should I fight for jews who won't fight for themselves?
  107. Pray for me....
  108. Re: Not A Jew To Be Found !!
  109. Re: Israeli's Banned From World Chess Championships !!
  110. Where is The Masked Bishop?
  111. Make a noise about WCC
  112. Can I try?
  113. Ron Suarez
  115. USCF affiliation, please explain?
  116. Chess Lesson
  117. Gata Kamsky is back !!!!
  118. Gata Kamsky is back !!!!
  119. Taylor Kingston
  120. Who is who on this newsgroup - 2
  121. how to identify GM Loyd Turton thematically
  122. Schultz Dream-RGCP RIP
  123. Het zal toch niet zijn wie ik denk dat het is?
  124. Who is who on this newsgroup -1. Masked Bishop man with several nicknames
  125. Bill Brock's Few Hairs
  126. Bill Brock's many truths
  127. Who is who on this newsgroup
  128. Foolish plotroon impersonator
  129. Loyd Turton or Clown from Atlanta is a Spam Scone
  130. Sorry American whiskee too strong
  131. I find Masked Bishop!
  132. "Funded Chess Lessons" racket
  133. Which child prodigies were beaten when they didn't win?
  134. Membership Numbers for 5/31/04
  135. CJA - Cramer Committe Follies 2004
  136. I demasked Michael Jackson--he is Liz Taylor
  137. Re: My one-minute game against Hikara (even at move 22!)
  138. I demasked Masked Bishop - He is Randy Bauer
  139. Candidates Confess
  140. What happened to Bruce?
  141. Ray Charles' best advice to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
  142. Proposal
  143. Simple Irony - the scruples of Internet Grandmasters
  144. Pravda on Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
  145. Chess Challenge
  146. Betting line on Kramnik-Leko
  147. Did FIDE overlook any possible way to Screw chess up?
  148. Re: New York Election Law Section 6-120(3). The "Wilson-Pakula" law
  149. (1) Fritz 8 - Zhu Chen
  150. Another Chessdonism
  151. Increment, delay, sudden death, and adjournments
  152. email chess anyone?
  153. Re: World championships.
  154. Copyrighting Of Chess Games Inevitable
  155. Re: Hitler and Chess
  156. Brain versus Beauty - Clash of the Titans
  157. who should pay for the intangibles?
  158. Larisa Yudina: Never Forget
  159. The seduction of Tim Hanke
  160. Re: Hitler and Chess
  161. Chess is not an "Olympic Sport"
  162. Re: Hitler and Chess
  163. Banning Players
  164. How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Page?
  165. Kramnik vs. Leko, 2004
  166. Which State Organizer Did USCF bail out?
  167. AF4C Proposal
  168. Silver and Gold RGCP memberships available
  169. Wayne Praeder
  170. Chess moves
  171. Kasparov on the War in Iraq !
  172. Detatching Ratings From Membership
  173. USCF website down--URL changed?
  175. Boycott USCF if they don't Boycott FIDE
  176. USCF election details done well this time around
  177. ICC Opening Novelties: 1. e3
  178. ARe any americans going to Libya?
  179. TD Question regarding USCF policy
  180. Chicago Open Concerns
  181. Membership Numbness
  182. Low Income Middle School Chess Club Looking For Supplies
  183. Chess Queen DESERVED Her ****ty Husband
  184. Albert Einstein - Robert Oppenheimer, Princeton 1933
  185. Who Is The Biggest Kook In Chess History ??
  186. Low Income Middle School Chess Club Looking For Supplies
  187. Push out Gulko and Put Nakamura in the Fide World Championship
  188. QID Reversed
  189. Is ONE-MINUTE CHESS The Future?
  190. Gulko's Open Letter
  191. They were Barbarians
  192. Is ONE-MINUTE CHESS The Future?
  193. More Cross Words from USCF
  194. Frank Niro Responds on the Great T-Shirt Scandal
  195. Any 3rd Q. numbers available yet?
  196. Sloan's trip to China
  197. Re: message for Goran Tomic
  198. Back to the rookcave
  199. Response to Hanke/Nolan
  200. Having a LAUGH at Chess Queen's divorce....
  201. Is James A. Baker, III really the cousin of George W. Bush ??
  202. Skimming Scandal at USCF ---- Any action taken?
  203. I LOST 4 games STRAIGHT (HELP ME!!!)
  205. Bayonet attack vs. King's Indian Defense
  206. Are fianchetto bishops better??
  207. $49 vs $49
  208. Blitz ratings
  209. Blitz ratings
  210. FA: My 60 Memorable Games Hardcover
  211. Will They or Won't They?
  212. Blitz ratings
  213. ChessCafe - contribution of Mr Kingston
  214. More interesting topics
  215. Where to move Chess HQ?
  216. A modest proposal for the electronic rating supplements
  217. How did I know...
  218. Is there a place for Chalabi in USCF governance?
  219. USCF Executive Board meeting agenda itrem
  220. Florida Chess Schedule - Not Too Shabby
  221. Diane Reese
  222. Should the USCF members GET A LAWYER?
  223. The Tale of the USCF Pencils
  224. USCF Governance
  225. Skimming Scandal --- Talking Points for Wednesday, 19 May
  226. Re: Y U Should Not Put Your Pic On The Internet !
  227. Russian no-show at Vinkovci, 1968
  228. How far behind *IS* the USCF??
  229. Chess in Chicago Tribune
  230. More Inventory Over Payments
  231. Re: GM Carlsen
  232. I cheat at chess !!!!
  233. Skimming- The Likelihood of Massive USCF Fraud
  234. USCF EB candidates and tournament activity
  235. Those Mexican UFO's
  236. I cannot find a FIDE rating for Saudin Robovic
  237. Play a game with an unknown Patzer
  238. And the USCF numbers are what?
  239. USCF Catalogue Remainers
  240. A call for eroticism
  241. The Wisdom of Kalve Pehme, our Chess Life editor (part 2)
  242. The most widely circulated chess magazine in the world
  243. Open Letters to FIDE -- more USCF do-nothingism
  244. May Chess Life cover story...yeah, that will rope the newbies in...
  245. The Wisdom of Kalev Pehme, our Chess Life editor (part 1)
  246. Chess queen's power reflection of real life
  247. Dearly Departed Chessplayers
  248. How did Anna Zatonskih get on the team?
  249. Book-up
  250. Beatriz Marinello