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  1. NM Peter Aravena and his girlfriend eve in chess match on the year!!!
  2. USCF governance
  3. December Chess Life to be mailed out late
  4. Website
  5. The Latest Idea yet on Dues.
  6. Illinois Chess Association politics
  7. Brightest idea yet on dues?
  8. Tom Dorsch has moved back to Nebraska !
  9. Dope Tests
  10. Extra Rated Games?
  11. Building Club Chess
  12. Interview with Paul Truong
  14. What's ACTUALLY going to happen....
  15. Marshall Meeting?
  16. Dope Tests
  17. Cut to the chase -- the problem is US Chess is too expensive
  18. Re: Conceiving of a different philosophy on dues.
  19. Re: Rebuilding Adult Chess (Clubs & Tournaments)
  20. Re: Some membership statistics
  21. Re: Susan Polgar, do these people speak for you?
  22. Re: It is not a just a question of what you "get" for $49
  23. I have a BRILLIANT rule change!
  24. Keeping Things in Perspective.
  25. Chess needs Bobby Fischer.
  26. Change for a five
  27. Bachler and the ICA Ex-urban Tour
  28. USCF and TD Complaints.
  29. Question for dues-busters
  30. HAHA!! 9 year-old twin prodigies training with COMPUTERS!!
  31. Let's outsource the USCF
  32. I challenge SUSAN POLGAR to a USENET match!
  33. How about we posters contribute to Chess Life?
  34. USCF Secrecy
  35. Tiny Tim actually Uncle Scrooge ... as he has the money! what now?
  36. OT-The baseball world returns to normal as the Red Sox are eliminated.
  37. The McCrary Letter
  38. Matthew Sadler should win a Pulitzer Prize
  39. USCF catalog models
  40. Bobby Fischer and the YMCA
  41. Ponomariov disqualified for ringing mobile phone
  42. Judit Polgar is SUPERIOR to Susan Polgar
  43. Board against Board, History?
  44. Background of EB
  45. Is $49/45 still needed when USCF outsources B&E, etc.?
  46. Why don't people play just for the game?
  47. What will $49 buy you?
  48. Demise of chess
  49. USCF Electronic Newsletter
  50. U.S. Chess Trust, Hanke, McCrary
  51. New Chess Life Editor to Hold Meeting
  52. OT-Cubs Pyschologically Lost?
  53. If the USCF remains decided on kicking Bobby Fischer out of the USCF they also should not hypocritally sell Bobby's books!!
  54. Something was missing from my Chess Life this month
  55. OT-The most "popular" Cubs fan, might consider moving.
  56. OT-What was Torre thinking? Why start Mussina?
  57. Copyrighting Games Vital To Organized Chess Survival
  58. Dope tests
  59. USCF staff identified in Chess Life
  60. USCF Executive Board Follies over Correspondence Chess - Letters at TCCMB
  61. USCF Executive Board Follies over Correspondence Chess - Letters at TCCMB
  62. FIDE event location
  63. Should we stick with the USCF or abandon ship?
  64. Eade's Libel Charge vs. Sloan
  65. RGCP!
  66. In the Land of the Free, We Fight "Terrorists"
  67. Dope Tests
  68. Keystone dirty pool remedy
  69. The demise of the USCF
  70. Iowa Tournament AmericINN
  71. MSA Crosstable Data now being updated daily (as needed)
  72. I have THE solution to chess establishment's financial woes
  73. OT-Clemons to face Pedro and the Dirty Vicar.
  74. Spectator Etiquette: Is it proper to Keep score for a Friend in Time Trouble?
  75. What to do if your opponent erroneously deducts 5 minutes off of a Digital clock?
  76. Who was the WEAKEST ***WOMEN'S*** World Champion of Chess ever?
  77. The current state of US chess
  78. Richard Peterson Accident
  79. Drawn games should be punished with shuffle chess
  80. The List Grows of Those Who Misunderstand Kevin.
  81. USCF office staff identified in Chess Life
  82. November Chess Life
  83. Arnold Schwarzenegger loves Chess!
  84. Why do so many ignorant cretins hate the messiah?
  85. Was this the First Coming?
  86. In the Land of the Free, Wed fight "Terrorists"
  87. worst world champion--Spassky
  88. Corrected.
  89. IQ test
  90. Opinions on "The Chess Artist: Genius, Obsession, and the World's Oldest Game", by J.C. Hallman
  91. Take an IQ test here.
  92. Who Would Buy a USCF Life Membership Right Now for $1,000?
  93. LeModernCaveman Put Up or SHUT Up
  94. Who was the WEAKEST ***WOMEN'S*** World Champion of Chess ever?
  95. USCF in 2013
  96. Just received September Chess Life
  97. Sam Sloan "judgment".
  98. Computers more enjoyable opponents than humans
  99. Book Wantnd
  100. The NEXT Time Aviv Calls Me "Gordo"
  101. Bill Goichberg REJECTED Me!!
  102. Enjoyed the magazine layout
  103. Ironies of Being Right.
  104. 2003 Special USC T-Shirt Collection.
  105. TD or not TD? That is the question.
  106. eBay: Rare First Edition Chess Books Signed 1941 1912 NICE
  107. Aug 03 Rating Supplement
  108. USCF membership numbers (new ones this time)
  109. tape of 9/29 9/30 open session
  110. Beginner Video ?
  111. Does the USCF return your diskette?
  112. Re: Affidavit in Opposition to Appointment of Creighton Sloan as Personal Representative
  113. Time to Start the Annual Scholastic HS Team Eligibility Squabble
  114. USCF Member Services Area
  115. Chess Life needs something for kids
  116. Weakest World Champion EVER?
  117. Dazed and Confused
  118. Help
  119. Ethics Committee's Finding
  120. Question about USCF's B&E outsourcing plan
  121. USCF Membership Numbers
  122. Ideas versus Statements
  123. Comparative Adult Membership Numbers for August/September
  124. journalism issue (was: Crossville, TN)
  125. Another membership drop.
  126. Chess Establishment BLIND To Its Future
  127. A movie for fathers in denial about their daughters
  128. License to lie
  129. Re: USCF: A different model
  130. Great Moments of Yellow Chess Journalism
  131. Seirawan to retire
  132. Book Wanted!
  133. Schultz, Hanke correct on EB motion
  134. Kalev Pehme - interim Chess Life editor
  135. The New Gang of Four
  136. Handling Einstein's objection to chess
  137. USCF Bonds
  138. A question about the US Women's Olympiad team
  139. Re: Tim Hanke is attacking Zsuzsa Polgar
  140. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  141. We need big-money YUPPIE QUADS
  142. Intramural chess proposal gains steam at Yale
  143. USCF's Christmas holiday season
  144. Is the CCA an expired USCF affiliate?
  145. B&E
  146. Tamil Tigers
  147. Tamil Tigers
  148. EB Meeting
  149. New Kid in Town
  150. Sam Sloan or Tim Hanke break up USCF "Open Meeting"
  151. Crossville, TN
  153. Hey Sam!
  154. Kudos to Frank Brady for Quickly Posting Board Minutes.
  155. Question for Richard Peterson.
  156. Interesting Accounting for the Chess Trust
  157. Child Bride Bolts Wedding in Vain 12-Year-Old Marries Against Her Wishes
  158. download chess scoresheet
  159. Computers are killing small tournaments
  160. Crossville move: "Sabine-Alexander gambit"
  161. Grant still in charge and on site?
  162. Mistakes on USCF website need to be corrected
  163. Board Meeting
  164. George Plimpton's "kamikaze move" vs. Kasparov
  165. National Masters now get Free Membership
  166. In the Land of the Free, We Fight "Terrorists"
  167. Sam Sloan Tells Another Whopper.
  168. Last 3 days to save $$$ on ChessBase MegaBase 2003!
  169. How Much to Run Whatever's Left of USCF?
  170. Re: Cheating at tournaments is EASY now
  171. Fred Wilson Should Get The B&E Business
  172. Hamlet
  173. George Plimpton's "kamikaze move" vs. Kasparov
  174. Chess Players over-50 years old!
  175. USCF plans to give the Books and Equipment business to Malcolm Pein
  176. My rated game against a hottie: pairings favoritism?
  177. Re: Tim Hanke is attacking Zsuzsa Polgar
  178. Al Lawrence comment
  179. Save B&E by modeling it after the Mensa Boutique
  180. Re: Tim Hanke is attacking Zsuzsa Polgar
  181. OT NO SPAM email address
  182. Re: Tim Hanke is attacking Zsuzsa Polgar
  183. Re: Chess Grandmaster says that US Economy is about to collapse
  184. Vladimir Kramnik, Laszlo Polgar - US players?!
  185. Morphy's Revenge
  186. My rated game against a hottie
  187. A Bone for Mr. Booz
  188. Mobile
  189. (Un)timely Story
  190. saving CL: my response to Tim Hanke
  191. MENSA -- please all read -- not a joke
  192. USCF hype: more than 250,000 CL readers monthly?!
  193. USCF president listed as expired member in database
  194. Re: Sam Sloan is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of England
  195. US Open Prizes?
  196. November 2003 Chess Life
  197. USCF MSA Page
  198. USCF to outsource B&B?
  199. 2003 Holiday Gift Catalog Collection.
  200. Quality Fact Checkers at the Mobile Register
  201. San Francisco Bay Mensa
  202. "Chess players will still need to buy stuff."
  203. Chicago Mensa
  204. Re: Possible bidders for USCF B&E biz contract
  205. Thanks to Wayne Praeder
  206. Re: So how did Bill's Colorado event do?
  207. Boston Mensa
  208. Mensa in Texas
  209. Green Egg report
  210. Where can a copy of the current JTP policy be found?
  211. Why is there still a JTP loophole?
  212. Thankyou for entertaining me.
  213. Making Chess More Social
  214. Corporate Chess Leagues
  215. Battle of USCF nonmembers: Haas vs. Draney
  216. Re: Try this corrective patch for Microsoft Windows
  217. USCF: Government or Public Utility
  218. USCF Outsourcing Vote
  219. Re: Free USCF membership for TDs
  220. Saving Chess Life
  221. Bobby Fischer and taxes
  222. Free USCF membership for TDs
  223. New Rulebook 16C sub-rules meant to be in 16D?!
  224. Doyle on his way to win $3000 recruiter prize
  225. HITLER would be proud of this group
  226. Membership submissions by state associations
  228. Latest report from Mobile Register
  229. The Zilbermints Gambit
  230. Re: How to win friends....
  231. How smart are you?
  232. Scholastic Disclaimer Note Located
  233. The REAL Reason for Metro Districts
  234. Re: Sandbagger Song Parodies (since we're on this topic)
  235. For the mensa man
  236. Kasparov's commentary in today's Wall Street Journal
  237. The correct price for USCF dues is....
  238. USCF: Personality Profile
  239. Further Refining of Adult Membership Decline Numbers.
  240. USCF Dues
  241. Last names needed for USCF office staff
  242. Harkness System as reported in October CL
  243. In the Land of the Free, We Fight "Terrorism"
  244. In the Land of the free, We Fight "Terrorists"
  245. Revisiting June 2001 on Contract Disclosure and Board Oversight.
  246. Let the speculation end.....
  247. When is it appropriate to ban a player from a chess club?
  248. Re: $0 Prize Rated Tournaments
  249. Oct CL
  250. A Few Laughs From California