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  1. Re: Sam Sloan < Witless Worm?
  2. Desperately Seeking Susan
  3. The Dirty Hidden Truth
  4. Who Are those TTU Contacks, Ms. Polgar
  5. Re: Sloan vs. Lafferty, Mottershead and Bogner
  6. Re: Complaint filed in Sloan vs. Smith, George W. Bush, et al
  7. Rumored Room Service
  8. Back to New York
  9. A possible new strategy
  10. Roberts moves to Texas
  11. After the Carnival is over
  12. Re: Candidate's Statement by Brian Mottershead
  13. Joe Lux Posting and Sam's Reply
  14. Solitaire Chess by I.A. Horowitz has been reprinted
  15. Goichberg Endorses....
  16. Polgar' Endorses Lugo, Korenman and Hecht
  17. My Best Games of Chess 1924-1937 by Alexander Alekhine
  18. Re: Beatriz Marinello is the new USA Zone President in FIDE
  19. Extraordinary Alignment
  20. Sloan vs. Truong Petition for Rehearing En Banc has been postedonline
  21. Ishi Press Reaches Milestone - 100 Books in Print
  22. USSR vs. Rest of World 1970
  23. Lafferty Drops Out of the USCF Election
  24. Interesting News From Lubbock
  25. Have a break from shopping - Enjoy some info on CHESS !
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  46. POLGAR STRAW MEN: Susan's blog claims anonymous racist attacks
  47. Bribery Allegations Against Bill Goichberg
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  49. Is this integrity, honesty and credibility? by Jerry Hanken
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  52. POLGAR LASHES OUT by Bill Goichberg - www.checkmate.us
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  57. Is There a Problem with Mike Neitman as a Candidate?
  58. Kosteniuk Open Letter to FIDE
  59. Spam
  60. Question - USCF EB Meeting
  61. Re: Moves to win & Player Sterength are related.
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  84. Fabio Carauna
  85. DGT Question
  86. Re: Moves to win & Player Sterength are related.
  87. Re: Beatriz Marinello is the new USA Zone President in FIDE
  88. Re: Beatriz Marinello is the new USA Zone President in FIDE
  89. Re: Korenman achieves big time support for USCF Board
  90. Re: Beatriz Marinello is the new USA Zone President in FIDE
  91. Re: New Activity Requirement to Play in the US Championship
  92. Re: New Activity Requirement to Play in the US Championship
  93. Re: New Activity Requirement to Play in the US Championship
  94. Almost half a million in red ink at USCF
  95. Board votes to eliminate members
  96. We Made the SF Weekly
  97. FIDE and Chess960
  98. Re: GetClub playing Perfect Games.
  100. Re: Truong and Polgar Appear In Illinois Action
  101. copyright on chess games
  102. Re: Truong and Polgar Appear In Illinois Action
  103. Savielly Tartakower
  104. Donna Alarie Demands that the USCF Pay Her Lawyer to Defend Her!!
  105. Apologies to Ms. Estrello
  106. Ring, Ring--Felony Calling
  107. Bobby Fischer's playing style
  108. Litigation Position
  109. Polgar claim questioned
  110. Grandmaster Chess: the Book of the Louis D. Statham Lone PineMasters-Plus Tournament 1975
  111. No Response to Settlement Offer
  112. Judge nixes chess drug tests
  113. He got his arm stuck in her pussy and it broke
  114. Come Now Skokie
  115. Weekly Posting for Phil Innes
  116. Re: Candidate's Statement by Brian Mottershead
  117. Polgar Accuses Kronenberger of Telling TTU that She and Truong AreChild Abusers
  118. Polgar Noticed For Deposition on 5/27/09
  119. Why did Susan Sue the USCF?
  120. Chess teachers wanted in Phoenix
  121. Re: Problems with Bill Goichberg's One-Man Dictatorship
  122. A Fake Mr. Vidmar
  123. Ring, ring
  124. Truong BS Repeated Today in Lubbock Online
  125. What to do about the thrown cell phone ring game?
  126. William Lee group has been formed
  127. Re: Candidate's Statement by Brian Mottershead
  128. Should the USCF Appeal the Texas Ruling?
  129. Re: from the USCF Issues Forum 4/29/09
  130. Re: from the USCF Issues Forum 4/29/09
  131. details re 4/29/09
  132. Re: Candidate's Statement by Brian Mottershead
  133. Re: Candidate's Statement by Brian Mottershead
  134. Re: Candidate's Statement by Brian Mottershead
  135. Re: Candidate's Statement by Brian Mottershead
  136. Re: Why I lost the election
  137. Re: PAUL KERES!!
  138. Bankrupts Make Good Friends and Business Partners
  139. Re: Candidate's Statement by Brian Mottershead
  140. GM Evans coming to Pittsburgh
  141. Civil RICO
  142. Who Loves Ya, Gregory?
  143. Notice of Intent to Take Default Against Gregory Alexander
  144. Re: Transcript of Hearing 4-13-09 before Judge Patel
  145. New Chess Feature Film
  146. The Story of Rustam and Zohaib
  147. Why Does John Hillery Attack Sam Sloan All the Time?
  148. USCF Forums Pre-Election Poll
  149. Re: How are these folks doing?
  150. Re: PAUL KERES!!
  151. Three Polgar Candidates Miss Filing Deadline
  152. How are these folks doing?
  153. Congratulations to Susan Polgar on her 40th Birthday
  154. Sloan vs. Smith, Notice of Appeal to Fourth Circuit
  155. Sloan vs. Moon Mandamus Petition Docketed
  156. Let's Clean Up Chess Politics
  157. Re: Enterprisel
  158. Motion to Judge Norman K. Moon to Recuse Himself
  159. Polgar Response to 2nd Motion to Dismiss
  160. Petition for Rehearing in Sloan vs. Smith
  161. Huperzine A
  162. Virginia Appeals Court Opinion on Sloan Conviction
  163. Res Ipsa loquitor -- MOtion for Protective Order
  164. Truong Affidavit Filed in Texas Case
  165. More Validation for Sam Sloan
  166. A Challenge to Polgar and Truong
  167. Summary of Polgar's Attempts To Keep the Truth From the USCF Membership
  168. A Note to "Alvarez" Posting On chessdiscussion
  169. Polgar Tries To Get USCF to "Edit" Candidate Statements
  170. Lafferty sets forth conditions on his withdrawal as a candidate
  171. Re: Payback Time For Mrs. and Mr. Kayo Kimura Sloan
  172. More Legal Actions Coming?
  173. Re: 2007 Volunteer Expense Report
  174. Re: The Inmates Are Locked In the Asylum
  175. Is Sloan a nitwit? Rhetorical question.
  176. Re: Goichberg and "per diem" Allowances
  177. Re: World's Worst Famous Game
  178. Goichberg and "per diem" Allowances
  179. Reply Affidavit to Motion to Transfer to Texas
  180. Polgar/Truong TTU Jobs in Jeopardy?
  181. The most important issue for the USCF election
  182. Great Super Nationals-Simul Blurb On Kosteniuk's Site
  183. Re: Motion to Transfer Parker Case to Texas
  184. Re: BCF's losses
  185. Detained With My Daughter By the NYC Police
  186. I am very sorry to have missed the SuperNationals
  187. Has the USCF Board Learned from the Errors of the Past?
  188. Proof of who is behind the "My 61 Fraud"
  189. Polgar's Attorney Make Late Application
  190. Deja Vue Ravings from "CutiePie"
  191. The Eclipse of Polgar by Alexandra Kosteniuk?
  192. Polgar Sighted, but No Truong Yet
  193. Re: Fresh Coons
  194. Where Are Polgar's PR Flacks?
  195. Was Polgar Sandbagged?
  196. Polgar Reveals Her Direction To Alexander--Poor Gregory Alexander
  197. Problems In Polgarland?
  198. Truong Seems to Have Lost It
  199. Critical
  200. No Reply; No Smoking Gun Explanation
  201. Too Bad Polgar Can't Spell Fujitsu, LLC
  202. Re: Oxford Encyclopaedia of Chess Games has been reprinted
  203. Susan Polgar has Deleted my posts
  204. Re: Touched-up Polgar Photos
  205. Re: I must distance myself from Susan Polgar
  206. Polgar's Motion to Quash Is DENIED
  207. Where is Polgar's Promised Smoking Gun Explanation?
  208. Re: I must distance myself from Susan Polgar
  209. Re: I must distance myself from Susan Polgar
  210. Who's Trying the Case on the Internet?
  211. Re: The Undedited Discovery Conference Transcript
  212. Re: The Undedited Discovery Conference Transcript
  213. Mortal Combat PC Games - Join And Win Unbelievable Prize Amounts
  214. Debating the Move to Crossville
  215. Re: I must distance myself from Susan Polgar
  216. The Unedited Discovery Conference Transcript
  217. Re: Touched-up Polgar Photos
  218. My 61 Memorable Games
  219. Supplemental Motion to Dismiss Filed In Lubbock (Lafferty)
  220. Re: I must distance myself from Susan Polgar
  221. The Amazing Rise of Sevan Muaradian as a Chess Player
  222. Re: Polgar Betrayal/ was: Idiots amongst us
  223. Re: I must distance myself from Susan Polgar
  224. Pogar's Hypocrisy Noted to Judge Patel
  225. At kids' chess tourney, chaos calls checkmate
  226. Litmaven free cases
  227. Creighton Case: Motion to Extend Time to File Appeal Brief
  228. Is Chess Cafe out of the B and E business with the USCF?
  229. Jack M. Bilello, sicced on by Bill Brock, trying to be my wife'sfriend
  230. Of Gregory Alexander
  231. Polgar Agrees To Unseal the "Smoking Gun"
  232. Re: Sloan vs. Truong: Motion to Remand and Transfer to Texas
  233. Libertarian Party Candidate thrown off the ballot in election to fillthe seat vacated by Hillary's replacement
  234. Armageddon Case: USCF Moves to Remand against Polgar
  235. Polgar Tried To Hide The Smoking Gun
  236. Re: The Waining of the Blog
  237. Fischer, Karpov and The Usual Suspects
  238. The End Draws Near
  239. Re: toxic trolls
  240. Evidence Filed in San Francisco Federal Court Proves Guilt
  241. Re: Sloan vs. Truong: Motion to Remand and Transfer to Texas
  242. Re: EVERYONE despises Lafferty and Parr
  243. Re: Hatred
  244. Polgar's Discovery Contradiction
  245. Terry Winchester Defends his pro-Polgar Moderation
  246. Students Challenge White House
  247. Re: John Hillery has Emerged as the Biggest Supporter of Susan Polgar
  248. Legal Threats from Polgar and Truong
  249. FIDE politics is terribly inconsistent and chaotic: GM MikhailGolubev
  250. To Whom It May Concern