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  1. Mate in 64 problem (request starting position to this amazing chess problem)
  2. The Immortal Game in Kieseritzky Notation
  3. New Fischer Title
  4. Caption Competition #27: On The Eve
  5. The Fritz program
  6. My deleted post at the David Icke forum
  7. Re: Help Needed for the Libertarian National Convention
  8. Re: Help Needed for the Libertarian National Convention
  9. One more incredible chess lookalike, plus a non-chess one
  10. Re: Kirsan making friends
  11. Chess 2016
  12. Valiant Chess
  13. Aronian only drew his match against Kramnik
  14. Alekhine for Aliens
  15. Old California Player Joseph D. Redding
  16. chess on tv
  17. 50 studies of Sergey Osintsev illustrated by Matta Eschaurren
  18. Will Internet chess impact chess as such?
  19. Zurich
  20. Re: My new book about the life of Howard Staunton
  21. Re: My new book about the life of Howard Staunton
  22. Spoiler Statue
  23. Kasparov's Kvetch
  24. Flashback: A Query Regarding Bobby Fischer
  25. Re: Android app for tactics training
  26. Philidor - Von Bruehl London 1789 double (triple) howler
  27. My Chess History Research
  28. ICC
  29. Howler passed as brilliancy in Igor Sukhin's book Chess Games: 1000Combinations in Rousseau - Von Conti
  30. Alexander Kazantsev and Aliens
  31. Free Wii Video Games Donwload
  32. Do you want to win in draw something? Cheats for Draw Something (byFino Soft Inc.) is your best choice!
  33. Putting certain cheating accusations to rest
  34. Motion to disbar Sam Sloan from Law for perjury
  35. Emilian Dobrescu and Jean Tinguely
  36. Yet another howler from bogus analysis in the Mammoth book of theWorld's Greatest Chess Games (2010 ed.) by Burgess, Nunn and Emms. This timeit is Korchnoi vs Tal, 1962
  37. Older champions not so strong after all
  38. Russian Team Championships 2012
  39. Free Wii Video Games Download
  40. Most Complex Game of the Twentieth Century — Taimanov v Fischer Game 3
  41. What Ever Happened to the Missing $1,591,120 in cash and securities?
  42. FIDE Views on the USA and the Polgar Problems
  43. Leopold Mitrofanov, the study of the Millenium
  44. This rule is for Commie cheaters, not for me
  45. The Problem with Money in Chess
  46. Time Line for USCF Memberships and Revenues
  47. Report on Telephone Conference Call with Judge Schmidt
  48. A Whole Generation has Gone...
  49. With the Guilty Plea by Gregory Alexander, does the vow of secrecy atthe settlement conference no longer apply?
  50. Re: 40 first prizes of Henri Rinck illustrated by Renoir
  51. Sloan vs. Goichberg - Affidavit in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss,without exhibits
  52. Half billion lottery...
  53. Is the Polgar, Truong, USCF Settlement Non-Enforceable?
  54. Do mistakes belong in chess?
  55. Mammoth Book of Chess Games misses mammoth howler in Johner -Nimzowitsch, Dresden 1926
  56. Re: Pelikan and the wandering White King's Knight
  57. Re: The Perennial Question, Who Has The Advantage, Black or White?
  58. Sam Sloan on USA Foreign Aid
  59. NY Times: To Detect Cheating in Chess, a Professor Builds a Better Program
  60. What is the game that Garry Kasparov has chosen?
  61. ICC..
  62. Only Two Posters at RGCM?
  63. Re: Analysis Help? Mieses-Alekhine, Scheveningen 1913
  64. Re: Analysis Help? Mieses-Alekhine, Scheveningen 1913
  65. Good Grief! We May Have Deciphered One Dominique Digeon But Look At These....
  66. European Individual Championship
  67. Euro Women's Blitz - final results
  68. GOD IS LOVE !!!!!!!
  69. R super-GMs really stronger now than before? The debate continues...
  70. Anatoly Karpov, renowned CK player he, in a simul, is confronted withthe Advance Variation; he throws all caution to the wind and stuns hisMongoloid opponent
  71. An old rubrick of mine; I have been misattributing a quote
  72. 425 chess paintings
  73. Sentencing Memorandum Concerning Defendant Gregory Alexander, No. CR09-00719 EDL
  74. The stench of grandmaster play (GM howlers): Portisch vs. Karpov(Karpov always beat Portisch)
  75. GM Robert Huebner on Alexander Alekhine: ' a patzer'
  76. The Traxler Unravelled
  77. Jason Repa's Lowest Point
  78. Re: TV programs getting higher ratings than Sam Sloan's political stumblings
  79. This news group
  80. Any New England Google+ Circles???
  81. Never get checkmated like this
  82. Best game so far..
  83. Quiz: which famous chess player makes a special guest appearance in Mary Elizabeth Braddon's, “Eveline’s Visitant” (1862)?
  84. Top 20 Juniors in the World
  85. I am also unable to read posts...
  86. Seeing the Future
  87. NN strikes back against Steinitz; he loses but he could have won
  88. a Strange and Scary Author
  89. US Championship strongest field in history, men and women's teams
  90. Reykjavik 2012
  91. The Lighter Side of .... CHESS
  92. Re: The 50th Anniversary Of A Memorable Game
  93. Dr. Emmanuel Lasker and His Brother
  94. Vasily Malinin takes the Benko Gambit to the F*&%king Cleaners - Twosuperb games!!
  95. Peyton Place in Lynchburg - Part 2
  96. Peyton Place Introduction by Sam Sloan
  97. The 2700 Club
  98. Way to peace
  99. Memorable Emo Philips quote on Computer Chess....
  100. Super Blitz, Moscow
  101. I am interviewed by Rick Kennedy
  102. Doctor, Doctor ...
  103. 150 years ago
  104. Re: One Fine Day At The Other Side Of Mount Rushmore...
  105. Joe E Ross mentions an unknown game played by Capablanca andTartakower in Paris in the 1930s
  106. Pass The Sick Bag, Olga!!
  107. Next Candidates
  108. Mimi Alford's new book is helping Sam Sloan's Ishi Press sales
  109. ideachess: problems quality improved
  110. Caption Competition #25: Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdance
  111. Aeroflot 2012
  112. "check mate" ruled obscene by Cal. court!!!!!!!
  113. Caption Competition #24: Hou Short?
  114. Zelner loses !!!!
  115. My Friends, My Brothers at RGCM.... We Will Now Put All of OurDifferences Aside & Support Sam Sloan in His Effort to Reach the Presidential Summit!!
  116. madonna and chesz
  117. Moscow 2012 inc live game engine
  118. Short in Pakistan
  119. I have joined the Sam Everett Sloan Hoosier Whig IncorruptibleRoughrider Party
  120. It was 35 years ago today.... Kortschnoij begins his assault on theWorld Title in an acrimonious match in Il Ciocco against Petrosian...
  121. Steinitz's 20/23/25 wins in a row; how many was it?
  122. Sam Everett Sloan of the Hoosier Whig? Party riding a moose across ariver in glasses
  123. A game where black f'thagns up a bit
  124. The non-bonny situation after 1.e4 e5
  125. Another incredible chess lookalike!! This will blow your wigs off!!
  126. It still happens ... The old castling fork
  127. Caption Competition #23: That Pesky Spassky!
  128. Madams Is Immortalized
  129. Yifan Hou wins against Polgar
  130. Interesting oversight
  131. Bery punny hoke
  132. Eternal poetry to those who say that a vote for Sam Sloan is a wasted vote!
  133. Blunderful game...
  134. Reading Dictionaries
  135. Re: A quantum of light comes from a star to your eye without anyenergy loss whatsoever.
  136. Cryptic crossword clue; from London Times Sat 21st Jan 2012, No 25065
  137. Caption Competition #22: Acers High
  138. A different type of chess board....
  139. Toughie: a quiz question about Tigran V Petrosian
  140. Botvinnik v Petrosian, Istanbul 1998
  141. Here is a good one. Two "Highest Peak Ratings"
  142. Gibraltar 2012
  143. Zelner triumphs once again !!
  144. It was 100 years ago.... Rubinstein's great year was just beginning...
  145. Flexible chess
  146. A chess aphorism....
  147. Who Now Plays The QGD Tarrasch? Here is one young player who does it well...
  148. Peter Szekely - his method of biting the dust
  149. Re: The Simple English Bible The New Testament
  150. Books for Older Beginner
  151. Books for Older Beginner
  152. Free Wii Video Games Donwload
  153. Caption Competition #21: Nollij is powa
  154. Richard Becker chess composer
  156. Tata Steel (Corus)
  157. Chess in the USA 'not great' says British Player
  158. Finding the best defense is hard to do...
  159. 8/p5p1/2p2k2/1p1p4/1PpP1KPP/P7/8/8 b - - 0 39 Name the winning shotin this position that caused White to immediately resign
  160. Possible spoiler -- my solution to Guardian puzzle
  161. 8/4k1p1/6p1/1p1pP1Pp/1P1P3P/6K1/8/8 w - - 0 43 Why does Fritz thinkWhite is ahead +1.6 pawns in this dead drawn position?
  162. Re: BOOK: The Fine Art Of The Miniature: Win Your Chessgames In Twenty
  163. 8/8/5p1p/5p2/3K1Pk1/6P1/5P1P/8 b - - 0 47 Which square should blackmove to draw?
  164. r1bq1r1k/2p1n1p1/pb5B/np1p4/3PB3/2N2N1P/PP3PP1/R1Q2RK1 w - - 0 17Does White dare to take on g7 in move 17? (17 move combination)
  165. The current state of OTB chess in the U.S. and USCF
  166. Queen Sacs against World Champs?
  167. Fischer V Kortschnoi 1971 - what if?
  169. An unusual pairing
  170. Rybka author rehabilitated but apologist Dr Søren Riis fails to make the case that Rybka is guilty as charged
  171. DEREVIANNAYA KOROLEVA ("The Wooden Queen")
  172. Chess Codes, Spies and much, much more
  173. Re: Alexandra Kosteniuk wins Woman's Sports Accord World Mind GamesChess Championship
  175. British Chess Magazine
  176. Reggio Emilio
  177. India's place in world chess
  178. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory: A Xmas fabler1b1r2k/ppQp2b1/7p/8/4P2P/6n1/PPP4K/RN3R2 w - - 0 19
  179. A Super Special Festivus Caption Competion: #20 Out of the mouths ofbabes ...
  180. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!
  181. Don't cry for my dropping(s)...by Kim L Bumsuck...
  182. A Special Chess Christmas Caption Competition #19:
  183. You never win a game by resigning!!
  184. The Mongolian Bodyguard piece
  185. ideachess has now more than 100,000 chess tactics problems
  186. Two knights can give mate
  187. Find the wrong move 8/8/p1pK4/1pP5/1P3p2/1P3k2/8/8 b - - 0 42
  188. KNNKP
  189. Top 41 players
  190. Free Wii Video Games Donwload
  191. Re: Sam Sloan
  192. Who killed Jessie Gilbert?
  193. Free Wii Video Games Donwload
  194. Free Wii Video Games Donwload
  195. Re: Sam Sloan wins Silver Medal in World Memory Championship
  196. USCF declines to sponsor Women's World Champion team
  197. Re: A Stone for Danny Fisher
  198. Re: Alexander Set to Change Not Guilty Plea on 12/13
  199. Re: Sam Sloan wins Silver Medal in World Memory Championship
  200. Re: Famous physicists and chess
  201. I awoke to find myself famous...
  202. Dan Mayers Morphy number
  203. Famous physicists and chess
  204. Chess in the a crossword clue: The Listener 4167
  205. Bobby Fischer Against the World DVD - a random review
  206. Do Not Use winzip160.exe Stay Away from It
  207. British Chess Magazine
  208. Chess
  209. Caption Competition #18: On the Shoulders of Giants
  210. How we at rec.games.chess.misc all got right royally told off byEdward Winter
  211. crowned!!!!!!! MICHIGAN apple queen 2012 !!!!!!!
  212. Video interview with Viktor Korchnoi
  213. Caption Competition #17: A Crutch in the CK
  214. Morphy, I am not
  215. Re: Sam Sloan
  216. Why did Short resign in this nearly drawn position?
  217. Caption Competition #16: Man Bites Dog
  218. The Glorious 12th of December is Third Anniversary of GloriousEverbrown Party Victory by Peter over Decadent Getclub
  219. CCSCSL St Louis Chess Club Tourney Invitational
  220. analysis of adjourned games : since when allowed ?
  221. British Chess Magazine
  222. London Chess Classic 2011
  223. Re: Tal Memorial 2011
  224. Re: Tal Memorial 2011
  225. Chinese Refuse to recognize Sloan as World Chumpian
  226. Chinese Sweep All Titles in World Championship of Chinese Chess
  227. Isle of Lewis Chessmen
  228. Sloan wins Xiangqi World Championship again
  229. Has a pawn ever made all its five different moves in one game?
  230. 'Jakin in front by smidgin...
  231. 40 years ago today Bobby Fischer lost a simul game in Córdoba, Argentina
  232. Re: The Army of Felix
  233. Re: Sandusky pictures
  234. have a happy and productive week!!!!!!!
  235. Big4Bang
  236. Strongest player of all time? Capablanca--the computer says so
  237. Life is chess, chess is life, chess is stocks
  238. Women's World Championships
  239. A. Zelner beats another GM !!!!!
  240. On the Fine Art of Losing without Much Fight
  241. Live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery
  242. Updated List 2012 Solutions Manuals, Instructor Manuals & Test BanksCollection. Largest Collection Over The Net !!!
  243. Louis-Philippe: Le méconnu by André Castelot
  244. Re: Double mistake: Euwe-Geller, 1953
  245. Re: Felix Steiner Die Freiwilligen Der Waffen – SS - Idee und Opfergang - or The Volunteers of the Waffen - SS
  246. Professional Chess Master's Diet
  247. Taylor is a shill for I****U Press
  248. Re: Double Howler: Smyslov-Petrosian, Zurich 1953
  249. Knight endgames
  250. Reuben Fine and Russian Tournaments in 1937