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  1. Chess problem solving competitions
  2. Micky = the Henshaw of Chess ! ...
  3. Re: "Mark Houlsby" is Art Neuendorffer, Just Ignore Both of Them
  4. Tribute to Zdenko
  5. FIDE changes Candidate Match venue; Topalov may boycott
  6. Problem with the Results of the USCF Election
  7. 20 move smooth sailing
  8. Alekhine-Flohr, Nottingham 1936: find the draw?
  9. Fischer -- the saga unfolds
  10. Fischer Placement Chess
  11. Geico commercial: source of position(?)
  12. (GC ) = RayL , ( Ivan ) = ME , they will finish our game, who willwin
  13. Are chess players healthier?
  14. Noisy players without an opponent to annoy
  15. Krush wins US Women's Championships
  16. Kashdan-Steiner,New York 1942
  17. Ernst Rasmussen
  18. Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Tournament - Rated or Unrated ?
  19. What kind of meat did Alekhine choke on? Beef, chicken, fish?
  20. Can any one tell me how RayLopez and I got to this position ?
  21. Old databases still in use?
  22. Anybody read Pal Benko biography book? Chess composition books?
  23. Middlegame studies
  24. Chess Problem Databases
  25. Correlation between USCF Elo and online Elo: post your data here
  26. Re: A Capa Smyslov Connection
  27. Capa's brilliant game NOT, Capa's howler
  28. Greatest old man champion is? Botvinnik? Steinitz? Lasker?Smyslov? Korchnoi? Anand?!
  29. Smyslov
  30. Find the right move to equalize: 7r/pp3pkp/2p1pNpR/2nrP1P1/3q4/8/PPP1Q3/4R2Kw - - 0 28
  31. Two different positional exchange sacs [FEN "1r2r1k1/pp2ppbp/4b1p1/qPP5/P7/1QN3P1/5PBP/2R1R1K1w - - 0 0"]
  32. Re: GetClub vs Jester Match
  33. Re: Analyzing Ray Lopez's "Master Level" Game
  34. Re: Analyzing Ray Lopez's "Master Level" Game
  35. Re: Analyzing Ray Lopez's "Master Level" Game
  36. A History of the World in 100 Objects- Lewis Chessmen
  37. How much do average Top 100 professional chess players make? About$40k USD a year revenues, after expenses.
  38. Geico commercial.
  39. How NOT to play blitz by Ray "Eugene-Znosko-Borovsky" Lopez
  40. An escape playing black in the Italian Game C24
  41. Chess piece stamp kit
  42. A study that almost wasn't
  43. Are all the fundamental forces nothing but simple PHASErelationships?
  44. Taylor Kingston featured in latest New In Chess (2010 Issue #4, p.96)--in an unflattering way of course
  45. Book Review: My 99 Memorable Games (New In Chess) by RayLopez99
  46. NY Times--Govt Filing Links Polgar to Criminal Case
  47. A weird game in Megabase 2010
  48. Thanks to Offramp
  49. Re: Shabalov - Kamsky from world open
  50. Shabalov - Kamsky from world open
  51. Re: Fischer's lifestyle
  52. Re: Tell your views about GetClub Chess.
  53. Re: Endgame finesse: 8/8/5P2/r3P2K/8/8/8/7k w - - 0 0 white to move
  54. Re: Tell your views about GetClub Chess.
  55. Chess icon's body exhumed for test
  56. Chess Notes 3752: one of my all time favourites
  57. Who played this howler in 1925?
  58. Playing better drunk
  59. Playing better drunk
  60. Fide Elections
  61. Mikhail Botvinnik was Jewish! So why was he favored?
  62. Is it safe to take the rook?
  63. Two Adorjans, linked by music: like Budapest = Buda + Pest
  64. Cheating rampant on-line?
  65. Longest chess slump you've had is? (Wearing the juice)
  66. White to play and win queen in shortest amount of time
  67. book from James Howell
  68. Can you make the best move in this endgame? An Instructional RLChess Game (TM)
  69. These are the kind of posts this NG sees when I don't post here: spam
  70. Re: Endgame finesse: another RayLopez Instructional Game (TM)
  71. Real world Elo vs online Elo--same or not?
  72. Dr. Milo Wolff & W. Gilmour discuss "The Equation of the Cosmos" &Wave Density, which relates to getting energy from controllable fusion powerinstead of from oil.
  73. Official: Ray Lopez admits he's a troll (albeit in another newsgroup)
  74. For any Rush fans out there tonight at 9.00 PM Channel 337 . theirnew
  75. What time control do you like playing the most when you play chess?
  76. Find the best move...pawn about to queen
  77. White to promote pawn...and lose!
  78. How many of you support chess? How?
  79. Edgar Colle interview
  80. Another analysis howler from Neil McDonalds book: Teske-Szilagyi
  81. How does your PC score this game?
  82. Profundal k-side attack minature: the power of doubled heavy pieces
  83. Re: Nemet v Ljubojevic, Zagreb 1977 - tough battle
  84. Re: Nemet v Ljubojevic, Zagreb 1977 - tough battle
  85. Calling Dr. Spinrad: Copyright Violation?
  86. Nemet v Ljubojevic, Zagreb 1977 - tough battle
  87. Another RL instructive game: fork, trebuchet themes
  88. A wild and wooly blitz game...what would you move in this position?
  89. Second best move in this position as good as the first? U B T judge
  90. Example of a positional sacrifice: Yusopov-Christiansen
  91. Re: True or false? Alekhine never saw a RxN Sicilian exchange sac inhis life!
  92. Re: Do you think chessplayers use performance enhancing drugs?
  93. Fischer's Estate and Fischer Film
  94. Chess Olympiad 2010
  95. Latest Fide Election Activities
  96. Bazna
  97. Re: Do you think chessplayers use performance enhancing drugs?
  98. Another bust in Fletcher's The Royalle Partie of the Chesse, page74
  99. Re: Do you think chessplayers use performance enhancing drugs?
  100. Re: My Game Against Leon Stolzenberg
  101. Re: My Game Against Leon Stolzenberg
  102. Can we quantify the jurisdiction of FIDE?
  103. B80: 32 move opening grandmaster draw
  104. Mate in 6 (my Perfect Game for 6.21.2010)
  105. Weird game
  106. A chess puzzle I solved today
  107. Live Top List Provisional World Chess Rankings not current
  108. Joke
  109. Kirsan's Countries
  110. Re: Unusualnessabounds - a pawn travels from the second to thefo...
  111. Genius subculture?
  112. Chess History Channel
  113. Carlsen-Yue: Falkbeer Counter Gambit?!
  114. Icelandic Supreme Court Rules to Dig Up Fischer
  115. How to win a pawn in this position--tactics problem
  116. rules of etiquette for blitz are what with time trouble?
  117. Re: Tal - NN (white to move)
  118. Taylor Kingston's absurd definition of a perfect game
  119. Poikovsky - 1 round to go
  120. Empire Strikes Back Fide Wars
  121. Capa Memorial
  122. Fide Pres Interview - 'you will be happy, at least for the moment.'
  123. London Chess Classic 2010
  124. Ruy Lopez 2010
  125. Re: Unusualnessabounds - a pawn travels from the second to the fourthrank in two consecutive moves
  126. The ABC of Chess Endgames
  127. With seconds to spare Ray Lopez finds the mate in a KID
  128. Is Sanny Sam Sloan? Post your speculations here
  129. L'Arte di Costruire i Problem di Schacchi (The Art of ConstructingChess Problems)
  130. Online rating swings...what swing in Elo points do you see in yourElo?
  131. Zero Tolerance
  132. Levenfish and Smyslov
  133. Russian Olympiad Teams Announced
  134. London Chess Classic
  135. German Prisoner-of-War at the Chess House
  136. Charles Stanley
  137. Caption Competition #2: Cover of Chess Life June 2010
  138. Chess playing software detection--speculation: how do they detectprograms on your local machine?
  139. CHO'D Alexander & Alekhine
  140. Teaching "Heaven Is A Promise From God" 1-13-83
  141. Re: My computer fails to find the solution to this Babson task--canyours?
  142. Re: Is Sam Sloan sentient?
  143. Too Many SpaceTime Realms for a Theory of Everything? This is the bigGAME.
  144. Book review: Can you be a Tactical Chess Genius? -James Plaskett(2002)
  145. World cup of soccer/football starting soon...we need a world cup ofchess too!
  146. Here's a brilliant blitz game I played today, nearly mistake free
  147. Open letter to Fide about Olympiad
  148. Stanley an Alcoholic?
  149. Chessbase on Seirawan's new book
  150. What GM would you like to see play a computer like Rybka .
  151. Fide Sues Karpov
  152. Bulgarians sue Chessbase
  153. Iron Tigran under pressure
  154. Simple hack to get $500 to your home.
  155. A dramatic game from Coulsdon 2007
  156. James T Sherwin
  157. Another mysterious Playchess server bug
  158. A cheat in Playchess?
  159. Re: Fearsome Ray Lopez attack--how do you refute this? Impossiblesays Fritz!
  160. How are yee boring? Let me count the ways...
  161. Re: Alekhine's Best Games of Chess 1938-1945
  162. Forum Posting or Signature Posting Services
  163. New cheating technique/bug on Playchess?
  164. Next world champion is Pavel Eljanov of the Ukraine--mathematicallyproven
  165. Botvinnik vs Euwe Groningen 1946 and Uhlmann analysis
  166. Jaroslav Pelikan
  167. Hey Ray i was studying our game and you had a good move to make
  168. The Big, Very Big, Fide Fight
  169. Another Test for Ray Lopez
  170. Post your game of the week here
  171. How would you stop this attack? Not obvious to a non-computer player
  172. Sanny you going to move ? Roy quit so we can program the rest ofthat
  173. Chess book errors pre-computer are legion - ever notice this?- ModernChess Strategy by Pachman
  174. Good chess players are really smart, right? Actually no. ScienceMagazine excerpt
  175. ELO rating on Ideachess
  176. Raylopez vs Me ....One on one , no computers ,
  177. Raylopez99 , how about Me ,vs You in correspondence chess righthere
  178. Topalov looks ahead
  179. Postal rules in the 1980s--PCs allowed?
  180. Re: US Championship
  181. More Human Chess Games
  182. Fide Election revelations
  183. US Championship
  184. Posting human chess games
  185. 204 paintings on chess
  186. did any one read the final post game interviews between Anand andTop
  187. Yet Again: Morphy vs. the Duke and Count
  188. Chess News Web Site
  189. Ivan vs GC ..New Game ....
  190. Sloan Appeal Dismissed
  191. Max Euwe matches
  192. Yasser's new book
  193. Re: No Bidding for National Scholastics
  194. My future fish tank
  195. Karpov fundraiser in Manhattan
  196. The Times of India gets it wrong on chess (in black and white andread all over)
  197. The Chessboard Killer ...
  198. Tigron ...
  199. Is Topalov now the best player to not win the World Championships?
  200. Anand retains title ...
  201. Who thought 31.exf5 was the game losing mistake in Topa-Anand?
  202. Topalov-Anand, Game 12
  203. Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
  204. Blue Laws Imposed in Chitral
  205. Why keep patching up that old car? (a few science facts)
  206. Anand-Topalov Game 11
  207. BCM website
  208. Andor Lilienthal, 1911-2010
  209. Instead of blitz chess as the tie breaker what about Fischer Random
  210. Re: Who's the Real Queen?
  211. Food Negoiations
  212. Game 10 Topalov v Anand; a Grunfeld
  213. Chess Masters Score a Double in the News
  214. Game 9 Topalov v Anand
  215. Turning point for Anand? Day off
  216. The United States and FIDE
  217. Re: Copyright Law and the Kinsey Report on the Human Female
  218. Re: Copyright Law and the Kinsey Report on the Human Female
  219. Re: Copyright Law and the Kinsey Report on the Human Female
  220. Re: Linux does not do smart phones
  221. Re: Blatant Copyright Theft, and not by Sam Sloan! (was: Chess ebooksin pdf and chessbase format)
  222. Re: Blatant Copyright Theft, and not by Sam Sloan! (was: Chess ebooksin pdf and chessbase format)
  223. Bring back Red..
  224. I find it interesting ...
  225. So, Farewell Then ....
  226. A-T, game 7
  227. Nalchik
  228. is 1.d4 better than 1.e4?
  229. Anand is annihilating Topalov, and that means Georgi-Markov-liketricks are afoot
  230. Anand-Topalov Game 6
  231. A very stange coincidence in 1927 and 1957 World Championship matches
  232. Anand-Topalov game 5
  233. Who plays blindfold chess?
  234. Why is Lowarov not talking to Anand?
  235. Re: Game 4
  236. A 2.5 : 1.5 T
  237. I can not find anything on the Top vs Anand games going on now
  238. Equivalency (further musings on "pawn sacrifice")
  239. Anand beat the computer (Topolov) - series tied
  240. Re: The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy by LothropStoddard
  241. Top vs Anand , one and one with a rest day next..
  242. Einstein's cosmolological constant repulsive force
  243. a6-b5 in Yugoslav Attack 10.0-0-0
  244. a6-b5 in Yugoslav Attack 10.0-0-0
  245. Who is a better end game player Topolov or Anand ?
  246. Re: d6 or e6 Sicilian
  247. Re: d6 or e6 Sicilian
  248. Our own prediction contest for the World Champeenship
  249. Iceland Volcano May Postpone WCh Match
  250. What do the Earl of Northampton and Kirsan Ilyumzhimov have incommon?