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  1. GetClub Ha Ha Ha, GetClub Ha Ha Ha ...
  2. Re: Today again game improve Twice
  3. Games by Help Bot & Taylor Kingston.
  4. Source for Alekhine's Illegitimate Child??
  5. Download Answer and Counterclaim filed in Polgar vs. USCF, NorthernDistrict of Texas
  6. After long time GetClub Chess improved twice.
  7. The **** Hits the Fan Today! (Tune in later.)
  8. Outstandingly Beautiful Girl Chess Master Nobody Has Noticed Yet
  9. Re: U.S. Supreme Court brief in SEC vs. Samuel H. Sloan, 436 US 103(1978)
  10. Pls analyze this game of Beginner Level
  11. Esther Elizabeth Reed, Professional Chess Player ??
  12. Chess games very interesting at GetClub
  13. Re: Sloan Federal Action Dismissed
  14. Poll Questions (Queens Gambit)
  15. Constitutionally protected speech??
  16. Longest game at GetClub [101 moves] Help Bot vs Normal
  17. GetClub Chess Stronger than ever !!!
  18. Please Analyze game between Beginner & Jester
  19. Re: Truong Speaks Himself (not under the Polgar nom de plume)
  20. Susan Polgar's Latest Lawsuit
  21. Chess from Morphy to Botvinnik by Imre König
  22. 2 new bugs appeared at GetClub
  23. Re: Elizabeth Vicary's take on the FSS mess
  25. Big Bug found removed from GetClub Chess.
  26. Re: Chess in crisis
  27. Sanny: Some test positions for you
  28. GetClub Twice Stronger again !!!
  29. [Beginner] Moving only pawns in the opening
  30. Sam Sloan comments on being sued by Susan Polgar for $25 million
  31. Polgar targets national chess group, associates in lawsuit
  32. See your score of each move at GetClub.
  33. Randy Bauer Fails to Attend the Board Meeting
  34. Why the motion lost in Dallas
  35. Re: To put additional pressure on Truong and Polgar.
  36. GetClub Chess improved Twice !!!
  37. Here is the case filed by the USCF in San Francisco last week
  38. Re: Bill says run!
  39. Re: Frustrated Kronenberger
  40. Re: Bill says run!
  41. Re: Second forensic expert finds problems
  42. Possible USCF Benefit Event...
  43. Please Analyze this game between Beginner Level & Jester
  44. The USCF does not need a "nice guy" as Executive Director
  45. Re: Re-Hire Hall?
  46. Re: Truong spends 100K of his "time and money" over six months!
  47. Re: Truong spends 100K of his "time and money" over six months!
  48. Re: Truong spends 100K of his "time and money" over six months!
  49. Chess at the Olympics??
  50. Hurricane in Texas
  52. Mailing to the Delegates
  53. I Once Beat Susan Polgar
  54. "Woman's Chess Cup" not "Woman's World Chess Cup Champion"
  55. Are There Expressions from Chess that Became Common?
  56. 'Winning Chess' books: Reading order
  57.  GHOST REMOVED 
  58. Re: Explanation of Need to Oust Goichberg
  59. Real Reason for Latest Lawsuit against Polgar and Truong in Texas
  60. 93 Moves game by GetClub with Jester
  61. New Developments in the Hanon Russell vs. USCF Disputes
  62. Polgar Complains About Anti-Polgar Rule
  63. Reasons for the Petition to Recall Bill Goichberg from the USCFExecutive Board
  64. Petition to Recall Bill Goichberg from the USCF Executive Board
  65. Re: Trolgar Covered by Fox News
  66. Bobby Fischer's Conquest of the World Chess Championship has beenreprinted today
  67. Truong Bankruptcy Petition and Order Discharging Truong in Bankruptcy
  68. Here is the Paul Truong Bankruptcy Petition
  69. GetClub Chess improved Twice again !!!
  70. Paul Truong Has Filed For Bankruptcy
  71. Re: new uscf lawsuit
  72. Abusive Remarks and New Controversy on Susan Polgar Blogspot
  73. GetClub improved by 30% today.
  74. Amazing Polgar Gripe and a Repeat of History
  75. Bobby Fischer's Conquest of the World Chess Championship
  76. Why I hate Edward Lasker
  77. Chess in "The Front" Starring Woody Allen
  78. To Delegates and Alternates: Petition to Recall Bill Goichberg
  79. Sam Sloans Delicate Sense of Timing
  80. Sam Sloan's Delicate Sense of Timing
  81. Sam Sloan's Delicate Sense of Timing
  82. Neil Brennen's claim to fame
  83. 1. e4 c5 2. Bc4??? What to do with it?
  84. Halloween Gambit: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Nxe5?! Nxe5
  85. Thank you Bill Brock for your One Penny book!!!
  86. Re: Why doesn't Lafferty answer the Section 230 question?
  87. Re: Complaint to Referee Mildred Negron regarding Dorchen Leidholdt
  88. Fractured Board
  89. Re: Polgar the Homelessness Expert and Myth Maker
  90. Mate in 10 by Beginner Level (one more)
  91. 715 Magellan GPS 71572
  92. Question about Rare Coin Auctions
  93. Should the Perks Suggestion be Implemented?
  94. Goichberg Refuses to Release Financials to the Other Board Members
  95. Beat by a Computer on eBay
  96. Does the USCF have a $144,000 loss ??
  97. Re: Alexander Gets It Wrong AGAIN and AGAIN
  98. Moderator Control of the Debate on the USCF Issues Forum
  99. Failure to Disclose Expenses of Board Members
  100. Looking Back: Truong and Polgar concealed their marriage to eachother
  101. Re: Polgar the Homelessness Expert and Myth Maker
  102. Stupidest game of the month. 11 move Mate.
  103. Goichberg is being hoist by his own petard
  104. Substitution of Attorneys for Joel Channing in Parker vs. USCF
  105. Freedom of Speech on the USCF Issues Forum
  106. What was leaked?
  107. 2008 world open tournement report
  108. Damiano's Defense
  109. BINFO 200803055 from Susan Polgar to the Rest of the Board
  110. Tough Game against Rybka.
  112. USCF "Volunteer of the Month"
  113. World Open in Philadelphia makes Big News in Uttar Pradesh, India
  114. I met the Great Ed Trice
  115. GetClub will play like Human Beings.
  116. help him gain world domination
  117. Re: The Polgar "Resignation Offer"
  118. Please Analyze this game between Easy Level & Rybka
  119. Israel Zilber
  120. Re: Susie Desperately Seeks Traction
  121. Mottershead defends himself against Accusations by Mark Nibbelin
  122. Mottershead defends himself against Accusations by Perks
  123. Ethics Committee Takes No Action on Complaint Against Truong
  124. Goichberg writes "The Answer(s) To The USCFs Problems"
  125. Polgar's Latest Screeds
  126. GetClub Chess improved once again !!!
  127. Zebediah made the King dance from e8-a1.
  128. Goichberg says that there is "no risk" to putting Chess Life online
  129. Mottershead Chess Foundation announces 10.5 Million DollarContribution to Chess
  130. Re: USCF turn down a million$
  131. Sevan Muradian asks Why is the USCF Paying Legal Fees
  132. Re: USCF turn down a million$
  133. Polgar Threatens to Sue the USCF
  134. Re: USCF turn down a million$
  135. Why wikipedia not listing GetClub Chess?
  136. Chessville claims Chess Life to "go under"
  137. "Knights of the South Bronx", is it true?
  138. Petition to Recall Bill Goichberg from the USCF Executive Board
  139. Is this game properly played by Master Level?
  140. Mailing to USCF Delegates and Alternates
  141. This time I agree with Susan. I will tell you why later.
  142. Richard Peterson Comes In from the Cold
  143. Re: USCF d.o.a. March 2009?
  144. Susan Says She Will No Longer Try To Help the USCF
  145. Pathetic Turnout at US Junior and Cadet Championships
  146. GetClub Chess made Twice Better.
  147. Buy Brand New Phones Apple iphone Tv Games Laptops Ipod And Go With Free Ipod 80gb‏
  148. Two Rooks vs Knight+Rook ending?
  149. Letting the Members Select Which Services They Want
  150. How would the Online Chess Life work?
  151. Bill acts like an "Ostrich with his Head Stuck in the Sand".
  152. Hanon Russell Letter to Bill Goichberg
  153. Re: USCF Sales F***ed By USCF/House of Staunton?
  154. Analyze, Why GetClub lost to Rybka.
  155. Methods of Producing Japanese Shogi Equipment
  156. Proof that Goichberg Knew All Along that Paul Truong Was The Fake SamSloan
  157. What is Rating of Rybka and other Programs?
  158. Chess Life 4 Kids magazine to be abolished
  159. Disaster Coming: Here is the new dues structure as proposed in amotion by Bill Goichberg.
  160. Goichberg Objects to An Alternate Proposal by Don Schultz
  161. Goichberg Plans to Eliminate Membership Cards
  162. Re: Manual of the Game of Chess by P.R. von Bilguer, 1880 Edition
  163. Freysteinn Thorbergsson book on the 1972 Fischer-Spassky Match
  164. Game with Rybka Drawn. !!!
  165. Invitation to take part in university online survey of determinantsof chess skill
  166. Co-Sponsors Needed for my ADMS
  167. ADMs by Sam Sloan for the USCF Delegates Meeting in Dallas
  168. Re: The Krush Letter
  169. Chessmaster vs Fritz?
  170. Most interesting game by Zebediah.
  171. chessmaster 9000
  172. GetClub Chess now twice better.
  173. Ed Labate vs. Ed Trice
  174. Where the HELL is Bill Hall?
  175. Zebediah took 47 moves to win Advance Level.
  176. Is there a championship for bullet chess?
  177. GetClub Easy Level vs Rybka
  178. Help Bot struggled to beat the Advance Level.
  179. Bauer simply cannot understand
  180. Sam's List of "Sacred Cows" protected by Goichberg
  181. Frank Brady opposes plan to turn Chess Life into Online Publication
  182. Goichberg Defends His "New Plan"
  183. Reasons Why Polgar Did not Stay for the Board Meeting in Tulsa
  184. Re: The Official Trolgar Attitude Toward the USCF Membership
  185. Thankyou everyone for helping me improve GetClub Chess.
  186. Can White win this position?
  187. Madness! Madness!
  188. Polgar is right for once
  189. GetClub Normal Level played good moves but still lost the game.
  190. Re: Polgar Approved Blog Humor
  191. "Specific Proposed Ideas" by Susan Polgar
  192. Re: Truong "Answers" Redman
  193. From where can I buy Chess Programs?
  194. The Rating of Chess Players, Past and Present, by Arpad Elo reprintedtoday
  195. Goichberg's "New Plan" for the USCF
  196. Re: The President's Daughter by Nan Britton
  197. GetClub slashed its rates by half. !!!
  198. ChessMaster earn $100 Million, How can GetClub earn that much
  199. Improper Selection of Forum Moderators
  200. God Taught Her How to Do It
  201. Zebediah win against the Advance Level, Please Analyze?
  202. Re: SPICE-KCF Rift?
  203. Analyze game between Help Bot & Normal Level
  204. Peter has a new Website
  206. Chess Ratings
  207. Vietnam to host World Youth Chess Championship Oct 20-30, 2008
  208. Please Analyze the Advance Level best Game
  209. Re: Whom Do You Trust?
  210. Trollgar again cites "Our Expertise"
  211. Zebedia has returned and he won the Master Level.
  212. Please Analyze this game between Easy Level & Chrisf
  213. Joel Channing Finally Resigned
  214. The Real Reason Joel Channing Resigned
  215. Re: Polgar Blog Humor
  216. Joel Channing Talked a Better Game than He Played
  217. Re: United States Chess Federation Executive Board Member Resigns
  218. Re: Steve Gets Caught Up In Mass Hysteria and Bandwagon Group Think
  219. Looks like we finally got rid of the *******
  220. Re: Polgar Moving Back to Hungary - Is this an April Fools Joke?
  221. GetClub Chess further improved as seen against Rybka !!!
  222. The Motion Passed: Now We See If Channing is Bluffing or Not
  223. Susan Polgar wants Jerry Hanken Fired
  224. Joel Channing's Threats To Resign
  225. Help Bot Still at the Top !!!
  226. I have been Suspended from Posting for One Year
  227. Good Chance For Truong to Go Home
  228. Phil Innes announces that Joel Channing has resigned
  229. Re: USCF ratings, nothing is revealed
  230. Re: The Elo System
  231. Re: Taylor Kingston's Magic Math
  232. What Should I re-name "Grand Chess"?
  233. Re: Sam Sloan's Research "Skills"?
  234. Susan's Rant Today
  235. Re: Taylor Kingston's Magic Math
  236. Re: Was Polgar Rejected by the Hungarian Federation.......
  237. Worlds best game by Rybka against Easy Level.
  238. Re: Suzie Chesspiece Cheesecake Photo
  239. SAT W-7 lets start a new game
  240. Re: Polgar Moving Back to Hungary - Is this an April Fools Joke?
  241. Re: Polgar Moving Back to Hungary - Is this an April Fools Joke?
  242. Re: Polgar Moving Back to Hungary - Is this an April Fools Joke?
  243. North American Chess Association
  244. Help Bots new idea tickeled.
  245. Why was Louis Watson Ranked the Number 4 Bridge Player in the World?
  246. Re: Truong Not Answering His Cell when The NY Times Calls
  248. Beginner atleast 1850+ Rated acording to FICS games.
  249. Now you can subscibe Monthly/ yearly at GetClub Chess.
  250. My Big Win At Foxwoods