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  1. How to create arrows (and more) in Fritz
  2. Help Bot now at First Position -- GetClub Chess
  3. "The Outline of Contract Bridge" by Louis H. Watson has been sent tothe printers
  4. Great Accomplishment by Erik Anderson in Idaho Schools Chess
  5. Re: Citibank Cheats Grandmaster Benko out of $70,000
  6. Watson on "The Outline of Contract Bridge"
  7. Re: Should I publish a book about Bridge?
  8. Where is the Quarterly Financial Report?
  9. FICS
  10. Beware of Rob ("The Robber") Mitchell
  11. Trusting the Executive Director
  12. Know about GRAND CHESS
  13. Channing claims that Polgar has 300,000 kids
  14. Intelligence March ahead.
  15. Re: Nunn vs. Evans (Sam's dreaful memory) (was: False identities)
  16. Re: Nunn vs. Evans (Sam's dreadful memory) (was: False identities)
  17. Re: dual resignation trial balloon
  18. Mrs. Truong ??
  19. Re: False identities
  20. Bill Brock calls for the Resignations of Goichberg and Truong
  21. Re: Truong's Selective Vision
  22. Re: 20 Questions
  23. Re: 20 Questions
  24. Did Louis H. Watson write one, two or three books on bridge??
  25. "An Invitation to Chess" by Kenneth Harkness and Irving Chernev hasbeen reprinted
  26. Phil Innes expounds on "Journalism"
  27. Re: Revised analysis of Mottershead / Jones / Ulevitch reports
  28. Second Draft: Invitation to Bridge
  29. Please analyze Game between Normal and HelpBot.
  30. First Draft, Please Comment: "Invitation to Bridge"
  31. Re: How Many Employees Does the USCF Have?
  32. How about a Baby Level at GetClub?
  33. Re: Alive and living in Oregon
  34. The Laptop-gate Affair
  35. Re: Will USCF Go Broke?
  36. Is there World Chess Competition for Chess Programs?
  37. Re: Trolgar Blows Smoke Again
  38. We Are Your All GetClub All The Time Newsgroup!!! GetClub GetClub GetClub GetClub GetClub!
  39. Is sacrificing Rook for Knight Correct.
  40. New York Times reports on Ray Gordon vs. USCF lawsuit
  41. Dylan Mc Clain reports on US Amateur Team East
  42. Re: Truong Digs Hi Hole Deeper
  43. GetClub (Beginner) played Rybka till end Game. [51 Moves]
  44. Re: The Score At chessdiscussion
  45. Why Rybka Won GetClub An Analysis.
  46. Re: Alive and living in Oregon
  47. "No Longer Searching for Bobby Fischer" wins "Best Team Name Prize"at US Amateur Team East
  48. GetClub(Beginner) beat Rybka at Best Level
  49. The Blue Book and Encyclopedia of Chess
  50. Bill Brock's Lawyer Wins the Prize for "Best Brief"
  51. Re: Suzie Chesspiece Seeks Addresses
  52. Heres a game between Help Bot and Easy.
  53. Re: Forthcoming Kamsky Topalov Match
  54. First Draft: Re: Blue Book Encyclopedia of Chess
  55. Only a Genious can win at GetClub Chess.
  56. Tim Sawmiller is a Liar
  57. I have been sanctioned again
  58. Re: USCF Financial Problems "The sky is falling."
  59. A funny game between GetClub & Jester.
  60. USCF Forums are Down
  61. Re: Gregory's Post Gets Pulled
  62. Re: Sloan v. Truong - Affidavit on Federal Question Issue
  63. test
  64. The Price to Pay
  65. Please Analyze Game with Help Bot vs Normal Level
  66. Sloan SOUP
  67. SOUP
  68. Re: First Draft - Affidavit in Opposition - Commernts Please
  69. Re: Medicine for the USCF
  70. Affidavit in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss on Diversity Issue
  71. Fischer-Spassky Picture on Susan's Blogspot
  72. Winners of Jan 2008 at GetClub Chess.
  73. Chessbase
  74. Goichberg Plans to Eliminate Chess Life for Kids
  75. GetClub Chess improved again.
  76. Susan's "Secret Evidence" Story
  77. CB9 upgrade
  78. Please analyze Game between Normal + HelpBot.
  79. Re: New Book: "Mafia Moll: The Life of the Mistress of John F.Kennedy"
  80. Re: Her Family and Children Yet Again
  81. Re: USCF Finances, Sloan, Truong & and TTU Make Boston Globe
  82. Is there any one in world who can beat the Master Level?
  83. Budget and Financial Reports
  84. Bobby Fischer [1943-18th December 2008]
  85. GetClub game again Improved !!!
  86. Re: and for old men
  87. Read the New York Post tomorrow
  88. Re: " My final statement about the latest USCF problem"
  89. Tournament Result of GetClub Chess
  90. Re: IRS Tax Refund Fraud from Kalmykia Russia
  91. GetClub Crippled in Just 24 Moves.
  92. Re: NY Times Chess Events of the Year 2007: Sloan vs. Truong Lawsuit
  93. Polgar seeks to Change the Status of the USCF Within FIDE
  94. Re: Mig Greengard has been nominated for deletion on Wikipedia
  95. Analyze this game between GetClub & Zester.
  96. Where is HELP BOT ~~~~
  97. Gregory Alexander Complains about USCF Issues Forum Moderation
  98. What are the new "Susan Polgar Rules"?
  99. Re: Polgar/Truong Calendar?
  100. GetClub improved a lot now.
  101. $201,466.60 Moving Expenses to Date
  102. Is Babas already available for Linux?
  103. Very Difficult Games.
  104. Help Bot to be awarded 225 Free Games at GetClub
  105. Re: The Judith Exner Story, The Life of the Mistress of John F.Kennedy ISBN 0923891900
  106. Re: SPAM
  107. Appeal from being put on Moderated Status
  108. Truong's Proposal to Take Over the US Team Selection Process
  109. Re: Randy Bauer continues to evade
  110. Retrograde analysis and the 50-move rule
  111. What is the Rating of Help Bot?
  112. BISHOPS
  113. BISHOPS
  114. Who Gives a ****?
  115. Re: SPAM
  116. Who Gives a ****?
  117. 2 More Bugs Removed from GetClub Chess
  118. Re: Scheduling Order by Judge Denny Chin in Sloan vs. Truong, 07 Civ.8537 (DC)
  119. Who Gives a ****??
  120. Bonsai beaten by Easy Level at GetClub Chess.
  121. Has the USCF Issues Forum Closed Down??
  122. Eva Veronica, wife of FIDE Master Asa Hoffmann, has died
  123. Another Scandal involving "Volunteer of the Month"
  124. Re: Questions For Gregory Alexander
  125. Did Polgar and Truong Pay the Required $250 filing fees??
  126. Oldtimer explains the sanctions imposed on him
  127. What type of End Game are Drawn?
  128. Re: Susan Polgar proposal to save the USCF Legal Fees??
  129. Controlling the Moderators for Political Advantage
  130. Don Schultz answers some questions
  131. Sam Sloan responds to Donna Alarie
  132. New Book Just Out: Elista Diaries, updated to include games from the2007 World Chess Championship
  133. GetClub Chess further improved.
  134. Randy Hough on "The Fantasy US Championship"
  135. Silence of the Board
  136. Re: A Non-Denial Denial by Paul Truong
  137. Chess Related Downloads And Password
  138. Re: paul truong's great mistake - but sam slipped too
  139. Re: paul truong's great mistake - but sam slipped too
  140. Re: Questions For Gregory Alexander
  141. Re: Letter "Answer" filed by Proskauer Rose representing the USCF
  142. Who the heck goes to these message boards where FSS posted, anyway?
  143. Re: Texas Tech University files Motion to Dismiss
  144. Re: The facts about Taylor Kingston
  145. Nomorechess Suggestions implemented at GetClub.
  146. Re: The facts about Taylor Kingston
  147. Searching for Photo of Smyslov playing Korchnoi
  148. Re: Pandolfini Panned
  149. Great Statistics from MIke Nolan
  150. Press Coverage of 2008 Champs - who's in charge?
  151. "Guests" on the USCF Issues Forum
  152. You're in debt because of Jews, Hitler stopped them, thus framed (holocaust)
  153. Sam Sloan beat USCF Master Richard Koepcke in 10 moves
  154. How do you rank GetClub Chess?
  155. Former Art Director Reports Photo Archive was Thrown Out
  156. Re: The Devil's Disciple
  157. Legal Threats from William Brock
  158. 2 Bugs removed from GetClub Chess.
  159. Eastern Mind vs. Western Mind: Go vs. Chess
  160. Board to Hold Next Meeting on the Internet
  161. Re: Joel Channing's Retirement World
  162. Ideas on the U.S. Men's and Women's Championships
  163. Re: What if...... The USCF went out of business?
  164. Lucas Contract debate at the USCF Executive Board meetings
  165. Bill Hall calls USCF member complaints "ridiculous, salacious"
  166. Meeting Link, Accounting Crisis discussed at USCF Board meeting
  167. Donna Alarie is Bad Bad Bad mp3 file
  168. Lawsuit Process Server in Sloan vs. Truong on mp3 file
  169. Re: Truong Can't Enter California
  170. Mark Nibbelin, SteveTN still defend the Fake Sam Sloan
  171. GetClub Chess beat Jester in just 28 Moves !!!
  172. Re: Watch the Board Meeting Now
  173. Goichberg's anti-Sam Sloan Revised EB election voting method
  174. Recall Petition
  175. GetClub Chess further improved !!!
  176. GetClub Chess further improved !!!
  177. November 3, 2007 USCF Executive Board meeting
  178. Bill Hall Lies All the Time
  179. An very interesting game between GetClub & Jester.
  180. Meeting Link Under-the-Table Dealing Questions
  181. An very interesting game between GetClub & Jester.
  182. Confidential BINFOS
  183. Re: Security Breach?
  184. Re: The Crazy World Of Chess
  185. Harry Payne on Texas Tech University
  186. Blogs Discussing the Lawsuit
  187. Rule 4(d) of the Federal Rules of Civil Proceedure
  188. Bill Brock cites the United Mine Workers
  189. How the Mottershead Report became public
  190. HOT NEWS: Gregory Alexander has been logging in as Bill Goichberg for at least one month
  191. Re: Unwritten Orders
  192. Susan's Claims that her Family has been threatened
  193. Polgar Wars: Polgar Group Declares Victory
  194. Settlement Proposals
  195. Ron Suarez responds to Gregory Alexander's Rants and Raves
  196. The Video Generation and the Future of Board Games
  197. Eric Moskow and the Reshevsky Memorial
  198. Fake Bill Goichberg breaks into the USCF President's account
  199. Randy Bauer seems to be backing out
  200. Gregory Alexander keeps defending Paul Truong
  201. Reasons why Sam Sloan was censured by the USCF Executive Board
  202. Bill Brock has been served
  203. Sevan Muradian switches sides and joins the Sam Sloan Team
  204. Texas Tech too finds conflict of interest in Susan Polgar
  205. The USCF Chairman States the Facts
  206. Texas Tech Campus Newspaper has new article about Polgar, Truong lawsuit
  207. Re: Polgar Spouts Forth Yet Again
  208. Rob ("The Robber") Mitchell wants a million dollars from Moskow
  209. Re: Polgar Spouts Forth Yet Again
  210. Sam Sloan replies to Chris Falter
  211. Chess Pictures?
  212. Analyze this game between GetClub & Zester played today
  213. Palm Pilot ?
  214. Damage Control
  215. Randy Bauer explains the role of new defense counsel
  216. Welcome back at GetClub Chess.
  217. Welcome back at GetClub Chess.
  218. Some Quotes from Susan's Blogspot
  219. Eric Moskow posts to The New York Times
  220. Rob The Robber") Mitchell trashes the USCF to the New York Times
  221. Searching for Truong and Channing quotes
  222. USCF is not ready to die
  223. Time to take away the fake titles of "Chairman", etc.
  224. Re: Susan Polgar's blog
  225. Re: Susan Polgar's blog
  226. Re: a nice boardgame
  227. Two Computers Truong Used
  228. Chess Middle Game Mastery: A Useful Resource For All!
  229. Strange Chess Sets
  230. USCF Board is still covering up
  231. PING: samsloan
  232. Just like a Soap Opera
  233. Lawyer or Law Student at Texas Tech asks relevant questions
  234. bellsouth.net postings
  235. Re: Mottershead Report Download
  236. Fake Japanese Language Posting on Migs Blog
  237. Polgar and Truong have posted under 36 different fake names
  238. Rescuing Mig Greengard
  239. Watch NFL Games Online
  240. What is "the pivot"?
  241. Impact of the Fake Sam Sloan Questioned
  242. John Fernandez comments
  243. Is touchmove a bad rule in some cases?
  244. Help bot memory is not weak.
  245. Why Easy Level Lost the Chess Game.
  246. Wikipedia article on Sam Sloan
  247. Re: USCF Exposed to Whistleblower Lawsuit
  248. Re: USCF Exposed to Whistleblower Lawsuit
  249. New Fake Sam Sloan appears on Mig's Blog
  250. "frivolous lawsuit" mentioned on Polgar's Blog